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Very, very loosely based on the NuRPG

PCs gleefully stolen borrowed from games on #BESM:

Taki Shimiru from Arcana, played by RDMgryphon
Ao-Lang Shen from Battle High, played by Ardweden
Isaac Phillips, also from Battle High, played by Zegon
Jinx from Rising Sun Pioneers, played by Grysar
Millie Reinhart, also from (are you sensing a trend here?) Rising Sun Pioneers, played by Rowyn (Session 1)

Original PCs:

Shinrethryn, played by Rowyn (Session 2 onward)
Amir Saif-al Kadar, played by Sharyna

Session 1: The Trouble With Nexus Universes
Session 2: The Shielding of True North Village
Session 2.1: Sparks Fly!
Session 3: The Best-Laid Plans Next Time, Ignore the Mirage
Session 3.1: Second Chances
Session 3.3: Recreational Ass-Kicking Splish Splash
Session 3.4: Teamwork Sucks

Taki by Shiari
Ao-Lang by Kristen Smirnov
Millie by Rowyn
Neria by Courtney Davis

Taki's Theme: Yasashiku Dakasete, from Magic Knight Rayearth
Ao-Lang's Theme: Hey Pretty, by Poe
Isaac's Theme: Losing My Religion, by R.E.M.
Jinx's Theme: Luck Be A Lady, by Robert Alda
Millie's Theme: Advanced Wind, by Michiko Naruke